📕 Books

Deep Learning

Deep Learning with Python

Reinforcement Learning

Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-learn & Tensorflow

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Desigining Data-Intensive Applications

Data Science for business

Python for Data Analysis

Learning SQL

SQL Cookbook

Modeling and Simulation in Python

Bayesian Methods for Hackers

🎞 Videos

Google Machine Learning crash course

Accelerated intro to machine learning requiring minimal mathematics. Covers model development and deployment. Tensorflow, sklearn.

Accelerated intro to machine learning. Students completing this are able to build some of the most competitive models on kaggle. Pytorch.

Computer Vision - Stanford CS231

Advanced undergraduate course on computer vision. Focuses on convolutional neural networks and deep architectures. Covers object detection and realtime segmentation.

Videos accompanying course. Concise explanations on specific topics.

Hvass Laboratories

No nonsense explanations of tensorflow coding and other advanced statistical topics. Walks through python notebooks with some jokes thrown in.

🌈 Other

Numpy tutorial

Stanford CS231 Numpy primer

Machine Learning pipeline

Development of an ML pipeline for real world use. Estimated time to complete is 3 days.

Machine Learning Mastery Blog

Blog with many walk throughs on Machine learning topics. Good for solving specific problems quickly.

Distill | Machine Learning journal

Machine Learning academic journal and web publication. Some of the highest quality technical content on artificial intelligence out there.

Chris Olah's blog

Amazing explanations of lstm's, convolutions, max pooling layers, etc. Chris works for Google brain.

Kaggle NYC on Medium

Our very own community publication on

Mode Analytics Tutorials

Mode Analytics has very high quality SQL and Python tutorials geared towards data analysis.